At this time, the people in the city are heading for the two biggest restaurants.

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There are two restaurant names hanging high on the roof-Shengyilou Jieyifang.
Is this a sworn enemy?
Tang Luoling felt strange in his heart, so he pricked up his ears to listen to people talking.
"I heard that Sheng Yi girl is playing the piano in Sheng Yi Building tonight. This is the first time she has played the piano publicly! I heard that she has an unruly personality and plays the piano well. In Shengyi Building, the grandfathers got together to give a lot of money. I don’t want to play it. Today, the sun is setting in the west and I want to play the piano! This is a great event. I have to listen to it! "
"Yes, yes!"
"By the way, I heard that Xieyigong appeared in Xieyifang and planned to sign the papers for everyone!"
"oh? You say it’s the gentle and considerate master? "
"Yes, that’s a really talented teenager, and his writing is very clever!"
"So where are we going? To listen to Sheng Yi’s girl playing the piano or to see a master of ideas? If we can let the master of interpretation predict our good fortune or bad fortune, we should guard against it. "
"But Sheng Yi girl Qin is also a rare smell …"
"go! Go! Listen, brother, first go to see the master of Insight and Meaning Square to explain our signing; If there is still time, then go to the Drunk House and listen to the girl Qu Erru? "
"Good idea!"
After those passers-by left, Luo Ling’s heart moved in the Tang Dynasty, a talented, gentle and honest boy.
Master of interpretation?
How clever is the cancellation?
In that case, it’s really necessary to meet him for a while, otherwise it’s all for nothing!
"Cousin, I’m going to Xieyifang. What about you?"
Tang Luoling asked people around him.
Anyway, there are two good places to go, and it’s okay for them to help themselves
"Let’s go to Xieyifang to see, isn’t it that Xieyifang is effective? Just ask him now fierce day brother-in-law their situation such as "
Xia Houlian smiled. In fact, he just heard what the passers-by said. His heart also wanted to go to the master of interpretation to try to untie the visa. Somehow, he also allowed them to predict the situation of the two leaders, such as a cloud of fierce days and an ancient uncle.
Yun Su is also attached to "I also want to express my feelings in the cloud."
She is where her brothers go separately. Now I still want to know about my brothers’ situation, such as
Yunwu and Yunqi nodded their heads and said that they also wanted to go to Xieyifang.
Tang Luoling smiled knowingly. "Since everyone has the same opinion, let’s go to Xieyifang to find a Xieyifang to untie the signing for us."
Seven people plus Yi Long, a tiger, went to Xieyifang in a mighty way.
At this time, there has been a long queue at the gate of Xieyifang.
At the beginning of the Hua Deng, a little boy appeared at the door, beautiful and lovely, and Lang said, "Tonight, the solution masters will untie 200 people, and only when they draw the word" solution sign "can they enter the solution square. This is where there are 1000 cards and 200 cards that can be untied by the solution masters, and each participant can draw one more draw! Thank you, everyone. Chapter 95 Xieyifang 1
I cann’t believe I have to draw lots
There are 200 people out of 1000 who can cancel the visa. What kind of door is this?
The people in the front row are a little unwilling. "Children, we came here in line early in the morning, but now we have to draw the cancellation card to cancel it. Isn’t this a wave for us all day?"
The child is gentle and polite. "The master said that you can’t afford it early. If you really want to get the master to cancel the contract or follow the rules set by the master, someone is destined to meet the master and can meet with the master to talk. Please draw a card. If you don’t get it, you can leave the Xieyifang."
Then he was followed by three big men carrying a big ball out, and the ball contained a bamboo card or a ball with a small hole just enough to reach out and hold an arm.
That is to say, if you can blindly touch words without words, you can’t see them at all, and if you touch them, you will get results.
A whole thousand people take bamboo cards and draw them for people.
The master of interpretation actually wants to untie the contract depending on the predestined friends.
Tang Luoling and his party didn’t leave after knowing such conditions. They just waited quietly and drew cards.
If it’s fate, ask the master of interpretation to untie the visa. If it’s fate, they won’t react
The so-called let nature take its course.
The child quickly went to the front of their party and "please draw cards"
Tang Luoling has already seen the people in front of him and has drawn 132 to meet the master, which means there are still 60 bamboo cards in this ball.
Reached in and pounded it for a long time before taking out a piece.
And this face is just a word "Xie". After seeing it, the child is still smiling "Please enter the Xieyifang"
"Thank you"
Tang Luoling took the bamboo card and walked into the understanding square.
After entering Zhiyifang, I found that it was like a quadrangle.
Each building is three stories high.