"It’s quite clever of you to know how to find me." Chi Xuan said to the physician next to him and added, "Come and check what this is."

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Yunmo couldn’t help looking ugly. She didn’t remember putting anything in the vase.
Besides, there was no such drug, but it was found in her room!
What does this say? Ye Jinjin framed it?
Cloud foam will immediately look at Ye Jinjin resentment.
This Ye Jinjin let her for a while, she saved her for a while, and then let her, she hurt her.
Is it harm or rescue?
But Ye Jinjin completely ignored Yunmo and didn’t care how much Yunmo wanted to question her.
Finally, after being verified by the physician, I was shocked to find that this powder is poison!
It is poisoned in the rice!
So Yunmo is the murderer?
And Qian Yunmo did go to the kitchen and just lifted the lid!
Everyone, all the physical evidence departments have designated Yunmo. She is guilty!
"Not how did this happen! I don’t have poison, and I don’t have a poisonous emperor’s body! " Cloud foam at the moment completely feel finished finished!
She was set up!
Ye Jinjin means as high as Yunzui to kill Yunmo.
59 Chapter 59 Case ()
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"wronged? Now all the evidence points to you. Do you have anything to say? " Chi Xuan suddenly became overcast and stern.
Yunmo does feel a little speechless, but how could she want to eat this YaBaKui by herself?
So YunMo immediately shouted, pointing to Ye Jinjin, "But she is a bitch! She set me up! One is that she brought me a bag of poison! But said it was not poisonous! It’s all her! "
But Ye Jinjin is still indifferent and slow to say, "You are still lying. So many people are watching you and who will believe you if you continue to lie?" Besides, all the witnesses and physical evidence prove that you are guilty, but you are still here, and you really want to bully me when I come out of Xiangge. Can you still be framed by your concubine at will? "
Things have come to this, and everyone can’t help but recognize Yunmo as the murderer.
Besides, Ye Jinjin is calm. She doesn’t look like a murderer.
Too calm and not worried. That’s not what the killer should be like.
"I framed you? You are framing me. "Yunmo’s eyes have already had some tears, which is very pitiful.
Mu Lian was a little shocked. He wanted to plead, but now there are witnesses and physical evidence. What should he do to help?
Yunyao looked at Ye Jinjin silently. Why did Ye Jinjin look so calm and what was willing to admit that it was a drug?
Now it’s poison!
Everything is unpredictable.
"It is better for the emperor to take Lee into custody first, and then make a decision. Moreover, male and female servants in this case feel that there are still many doubts." Yunyao pleaded slowly.
Smell speech Ye Jinjin immediately sneer at a way "also said that there are many doubts? Murphy YunFei empress is shielding the aunt li? What are you? It’s Princess Yunfei, your third sister’s rival in love, but your department protects her everywhere. It’s hard to understand her pleading! "
Ye Jinjin was a immediately those imperial secretary and others are not all suspicious.
Ye Jinjin said yes!
At the same time, it’s too reasonable!
Smell speech cloud foam immediately excited said, "come on! You planned all this, right? What are you up to? Want to wipe out all our clouds and Yakehitobe? !”
As soon as Yunmo’s words came out, everyone was shocked. Did they get rid of those Yunjia people?
Cloud family? ! Yunmo is Mulian’s house!
Everyone’s face was puzzled, but Yunshang Yunxi’s face changed.
Yunmo let slip at this moment!
Cloud foam this just in hindsight hurriedly shut up, but it seems too late.
Ye Jinjin is contemptuous of hook lips.
No wonder the former Yunmo was harmed by Yunzui and dumped in the wilderness because he was so stupid.
One is that I was finally dumped in the wilderness and didn’t know I was stupid. Instead, I felt that it was someone else’s fault and I didn’t know how to reflect.
"Lee, you have to explain that you have become a cloud family." Chixuan naturally caught this suspicious.
Search the room with cloud foam before, because they may live in the prime minister’s house for more than one day and need to rest and have to prepare the room.
But Mu Lian’s wife is also there. That’s what Yunmo has prepared for a single room.
591 Chapter 591 Case (9)
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"I …" Yunmo was speechless.
YunYao eyes flashing a immediately instead of YunMo explained, "When Mulian general mansion, YunXi and Li Xiaocui got along very well. They had a righteous knot in Jin Lan and were sisters. YunXi regarded Li Xiaocui as her sister’s prime minister mansion, that is, Li Xiaocui’s maiden. Although it’s not appropriate to call now, it’s already Mulian people. Now she’s not a little excited, and it’s a bit inappropriate to speak quickly."
Chi Xuan suddenly realized a little and then muttered, "No wonder you cloud families are so protective of her as an outsider. They all hit it off and have developed to the point where sisters are commensurate and Jin Lan is righteous."
Chi Xuan is thoughtful.
Looked at Ye Jinjin not eyes rested on YunYao body.
Yunyao can get the favor of Chi Xuan’s empresses steadily, which shows that she is really intelligent and quick-witted and can always help others to avoid danger, so she will not be threatened in the harem and resolve it by herself.
"It turns out that there are such allusions in it, but this Li Xiaocui person is really bad. It’s ridiculous to always blame me and say that I gave her poison." Ye Jinjin turned the topic back.
Wen Yan Yunmo immediately glared at Ye Jinjin and said, "If you come, you will give it to me. You must have planned to set me up as soon as possible. I will not stop with you!"
Say that finish will stretch out his hand to pinch Ye Jinjin neck.