"It doesn’t make much difference to be grounded or to be in this cell, does it?" Xiao Taihou’s eyes flitted across the unhappy lonely shadow. That little one really made her Xiao Taihou!

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Then a few maids and eunuchs came along, and behind them were a group of guards.
"The queen mother mother please …" Lin adults still polite.
Xiao Taihou was about to send it or was stopped by Mammy, who advised him to "Don’t bother the young master when the outside is in chaos". Although General Xiao turned against her, she is still a good hostage in the Xiao clan!
Xiao Taihou took another look at Xiao Zagreb’s cold hum, which made him move reluctantly. In fact, his psychology was also white.
"Lord Lin, please change clothes for the child and ask for a doctor!" Mammy shook her head before she followed, but she didn’t realize how much disaster she had just spoken.
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The big bed in the main house is not the previous warm scene. The cold king is lying alone with his eyes closed and his eyebrows locked, and his heart is bored. I have to admit that he seems to be too involved in the fake scene for several days, and now he is inexplicably lost in his pillow.
Where is the woman who is swinging in the villa now?
Open your eyes with tired colors and bloodshot eyes, but still sharp and deep.
"De Gonggong"
"Slave in", German father-in-law immediately came in from outside the curtain for a long time and didn’t wait so closely.
"Call the green slave" got up and casually dressed in a robe is still frowning.
"Yes", the German father-in-law was so happy that he hurriedly withdrew. The emperor finally couldn’t help it.
When the cold king went to the window, the cold wind immediately poured in. The snow had stopped, but the temperature was lower. The air conditioning always made people wake up instantly, but he still frowned. There seemed to be thousands of entanglements in his heart, and he kept repeating the question. Why was it her?
For many years, there was only revenge for the country, and there was never a woman. Only the little maid-in-waiting who was laughing and laughing had been hiding in her heart. It was just a little bit, but now it seems to be beyond that little bit. Is it her?
The footsteps outside the curtain stop the green slave.
"Come in."
"where is the queen?"
"looking for it"
"When the handmaiden queen came back from dinner, she disappeared."
"When did it happen!"
"old meal time"
"Mu Zixuan!" The voice was full of anger, but it was hard to hide the anxious figure, and the person disappeared in a flash.
Aside, my father-in-law hurriedly came to stare at the green slave. "Why do you still talk to wood like this girl and don’t seem to know to take the initiative to report?" Still not looking for it! "
In an instant, all the slaves and handmaids in the Diandengtong Office of Xiebiezhuang were looking for people with lanterns, and the guards were also sent out to search the whole hunting ground.
It’s almost dawn, and I’ve almost turned over the whole Cilian Biezhuang, but I still can’t see the queen. Han Wang has already rode out of the Zhuang.
The king of cold whizzed past in his ear. Where on earth did that woman go?
Unconsciously, the conversation in her daytime came to my mind.
"Will you?"
"If the meeting really leaves, it won’t be more than half a month and never come back."
"Don’t you dare!"
"Then I’ll give up this mountain to find you."
"You can’t find it."
"Then I’ll find you forever."