Cobra said excitedly, "Why should we trust you?"

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Qu Yong said, "If you don’t believe me, if you must want to see if I have any secrets to come, if you win me, I will be searched by you, and I can tell you everything you want and never hide it."
The cobra’s neck shrank like a cobra, clinging to a rock and never coming out again.
In fact, no one dares to say that he will go and fight with Qu Yong one-on-one, even if he wants to let these dozen people go together and then siege together, he may not be able to win. After all, it is already difficult for a master of ordinary strength to fight Dan Jin in general.
"If we don’t go, there will be a way to know," said the widow suddenly. "It’s just that this way is too cruel for us to make it."
Qu Yong said, "I really want to know what this method is."
"It’s very simple." The widow pulls her clothes and reveals a square butter paper. Bao Dao "Look what this is."
"What" QuYong really don’t see what this is, but the crazy face slightly intensified and said, "You also found Wan."
"I’m right here" revealed a black spot on the mountain. Someone shouted, "How are you satisfied with my craftsmanship?"
"Wan" Qu Yong said, "Who is Wan and what is his craft?"
Crazy Shen said, "You don’t know who the name Wan is. If you can’t remember it, smell it yourself."
Qu Yong really twitched his nose and sniffed the smell carefully. He found that it was really a little different. Since these people came in, he smelled a strange smell, familiar and unfamiliar, but he couldn’t say it again. But now he reacted. "He is the first man in China history to build a rocket. I know this forbidden island. He is making gunpowder."
You’re crazy to say "yes" in white
Qu Yong said, "It turns out that they all brought explosives around their waists. No wonder they are so frightened."
Even Dan Jin’s master is still afraid of firearms, but Qu Yong believes that he will dive into the lake for the first time and swim quickly, even if they blow up this monkey depression, he will be fine.
"General Hong, it’s not clear about their samples. My craft is not as good as throwing a firecracker to them." That ten thousand tones are very proud and obviously very confident in their gunpowder.
"Good" General Nahong took the waist explosive bag. There was no lighter on this island. He still lit the fire and then threw it into the lake.
Seeing a flash of fire in the air, the explosive bag entered the water very quickly, and no one spoke. Everyone wanted to see the power of this explosive bag.
Suddenly, the sky suddenly fell apart, and it seemed that there was a 12-magnitude earthquake. The whole mountain shook slightly, and the lake stirred up more than 30 meters high, almost wetting those who were attached to the middle of the mountain.
Qu Yong and Crazy are both in the bottom of the depression. Recently, he obviously didn’t expect this explosive to be so powerful that he quickly retreated to the farthest mountain when he found something wrong.
Qu Yong punched a stone and sighed, "This explosive is really powerful."

Chapter four hundred and fifty-six
This explosive is so strong, there are really hundreds of bundles that can be lit together. Even if it is better than Qu Yong diving into the water for more than ten or twenty meters, it can be easily blown up to destroy this monkey depression. It’s only a few seconds. Even if Qu Yong is even worse, he is likely to lose his temper on the spot.
The frightened monkeys in the monkey depression were running around screaming and screaming. Qu Yong waited until the dust settled slowly before coming out. His expression could not be dignified, but his heart was happy. He secretly thought, "I’ve come to think about what reason this method makes up to say that I’m the owner of the former island, but I didn’t expect them to send me to the door themselves." He thought so, but now he can’t be happy too early because he knows that these people are old foxes. If there is a little flaw, it will be wasted.
He shouted, "I don’t have what you want. I’ll say it again!" "
"We are really not sure whether there is this or not," Wu Daodao said. "But we all really want to know some secrets. We want to ask Ge to go back and have a closer look."
Qu Yong said, "What do you mean, take a closer look!"
Wu Daodao’s "look carefully" means to look carefully without any mistakes, because you often almost do a lot of things wrong sometimes! I must look carefully before I do anything. "
"You’re nearsighted, but you can’t be careful." Qu Yong quipped, "You’re absolutely right, but you’re sure you haven’t done anything wrong now."
Wu Dao shook his head. "Did I see it? I’m sure."
Qu Yong said, "Really, it’s a good thing to have confidence, but if a person is overconfident and becomes arrogant, it may not be a good thing."
Wu Dao said, "If this sentence is in the cabinet, it seems to be very appropriate! Now I’m going to kill you. This is like coping! ?”
"How to deal with it?" Qu Yong laughed. He suddenly raised his hands to his head and shouted "I surrender."
"What? !” Even the flower widow, the ox and others have misheard themselves. Before they came here, some people thanked them very much, but they were all ready to fight a tough battle! Some people even said that they would die here this time, but it was too unexpected. Now this master suddenly said to him, I surrender!
"Do you really think about it or … child’s play?"
QuYong way "how do I want to surrender you afraid? !”
The workhorse said, "Of course we’re not afraid. What’s there to be afraid of? The martial arts of the pavilion are too strong. If you think about it at the moment, then you suddenly say you don’t want to. What a surprise! We are no match for you. "
"You’re an honest-looking and cunning old ox," Qu Yong snarled. "I’m afraid you’ve already had an idea like this, but how do you solve this problem? ! Do I have to tie myself up with big chains on my hands and feet or what should I do? Tell me. "
The workhorse hey hey smiled. "Even if you are the Baoshan chain, the chain made of the hardest metal in the world can’t be locked! This is really a joke. "
Qu Yong said, "So you ordered my acupoints?"
The idea of "acupoint" seems mysterious to ordinary people, but in fact, solving the mystery is just a special way to cut off the flow of qi and blood of the other party
Wu Daodao: "You can mobilize your qi and blood at will. I’m afraid you can’t point your acupoints with our martial arts?"
It’s no different to point out a person’s acupoints at the beginning, but once you get to Dan Jin, there is no guiding significance here. Dan Jin equals that human beings have entered another world
"This is no good, that is no good," QuYong sneered. "Are you so hesitant to surrender?"
"In fact, it’s very simple. If you wear your own pipa, everything will be solved!" Even if General Hong is suspended in the middle, he can’t change his hot temper.
Qu Yong had to say, "It turns out that you want to talk about my pipa for so long."
"There are many offenses". A pair of huge iron claws fell from the mountain with a move, splashing sparks on Shibi Mountain. "This pair of claws weighs about 100 kilograms, which is made by the best master of this island. There are locking methods in it. If you want it to bite people, you will never let it go easily. If you want to take it, you will cut off your hands and feet if you are bitten.
"Really?" Qu Yong doesn’t seem to be very scared. "I’ve seen a chain that locks the pipa bone before. The chain bit the man tightly for twenty years and trapped a bar master for twenty years."
He thought of Gong Qing again in a trance. When he first met Gong Qing, it was a pity that he treated her like a teacher in his heart. Later, it turned out that Gong Qing was just a play. He was in a trance as if it had been a long time!
The old ox said, "Now that you have seen it, it will be easy. Please."
The big iron claw was slowly put in front of Qu Yong, waiting quietly for him to put it on himself. He believed that if he put his shoulder in and pulled the trigger, the claw would surely bite to death and be stronger than a lover’s kiss.
If you don’t wear gunpowder, you will be blown to pieces, and you may not be able to restore martial arts for a generation.
"Do you think I should bring this thing or not?" QuYong suddenly asked to the crazy way.
Madly moved his only movable neck and said, "You will know how to choose when you look at me like this."
If you choose to compromise, you may become crazy. If you don’t choose to compromise, life and death will be difficult.
"Yeah, I’ll just wear this thing," said Qu Yong, grabbing the two iron claws. "It’s better to live than to die. How to wear this thing is really a big problem. I can’t fuck it."
As he spoke, he was about to wear the iron claw, which attracted most people’s attention. Everyone wanted to see the expression of this young master when he was abandoned. Suddenly, Qu Yong raised his hand and fell out of his clothes with a golden gold medal.