E-mail brought Ningshen decoction in. Mrs. Xiao took a look at it and drank it. She rubbed her forehead with some pain. It really didn’t let her be quiet these days!

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Xiao Jin has not yet entered the house, but the sound came from a distance.
When Mrs. Xiao heard Xiao Jin’s voice, her eyebrows immediately stretched out. Seeing that Mei Er was laughing at the side, "This is Xiao Gong’s return. When Mrs. Xiao heard Xiao Gong’s voice, her eyebrows immediately stretched out, which is more effective than these sedative drugs!"
Mrs. Xiao also laughed. "Ms. Jin is back!"
Xiao Jin ran into the room and saw Mrs. Xiao sitting there and immediately jumped into her arms. Mrs. Xiao hugged him, but it was not as small as when she was a child.
Although Xiao Jin is young now, she is still taller than her peers.
Mrs. Xiao beamed at Ms. Xiao. "You smelly little girl have grown so big, and you have to come to this old bones to make you toss and turn. Can you work hard in the palace?" You didn’t bully the seventeen princesses, did you? "
"Yeah-mom, you didn’t see the 17 th Princess. I treated her as a brother. Who bullied her? She immediately turned against the former eldest sister-in-law of an army and said that the 17 th Princess was lovely in ice and snow, smart and clever. When I was young, I was shameless and asked me which famous little man was good-looking, which little man wanted to be her husband, and even asked the emperor to marry her!"
"She is so careless that she insists that she is very reserved. Her mother-in-law must not have told her what is reserved!"
That being said, Xiao Jin still thinks that Princess Seventeen is quite easy to contact.
There is no ordinary girl who cries easily and doesn’t mince her words. She just speaks as quickly as a brother.
Mrs. Xiao is a little in distress situation. "Nonsense, Princess Seventeen is really cute, intelligent and clever in ice and snow. Although she is young now, she can recruit a husband in a few years. Now it is normal to look for a horse first. Don’t laugh at Princess Seventeen with this matter and don’t call Sister Acacia again. Do you have to call her Mrs. Phoenix White?"
At this time, Xiao Mu also entered the house and naturally heard Mrs. Xiao say those words behind her.
Once Xiao Jin is determined, it is difficult to change, and no matter how to teach, it can’t be improved.
Xiao Jin giggled. "It’s still comfortable to go home. It’s not as white as Big Brother Luo said when I hear my husband talking in front of me every day!"
However, I can see Su Xi’s face every day and think of looking at his eyes today. Xiao Jin still feels a happy heart.
Then I felt that I was particularly unkind. It was Princess Seventeen who looked at the future. How could he compete with her?
At this time, Mrs. Xiao doesn’t care what she said when she heard these words. If she didn’t get through this difficult time, even if she was obedient in class, it would be the same.
"It’s rare to come back these days. If you like to study in the house, ask your eldest brother to teach you not to study. If you don’t, let your eldest brother accompany you to play with things in the house. Let it be!"
"Mom, do you have no confidence in Dad?" Xiao Jin asked.
Xiao Mu also thinks that Mrs. Xiao’s words are really not confident in Xiao Taifu.
Mrs. Xiao sighed lightly, "Nothing is that you are too depressed on weekdays. You should relax at this time!"
If Xiao Taifu is corrupt, no one can save them.
Mrs. Xiao looked at Xiao Jin. "Go and sit down. Mother has something to say to your big brother!"
Then he looked at Mei-er. "Mei-er, why don’t you go outside and guard against others coming in?"
Email immediately nodded, "The handmaiden knows!"
After email left, Xiao Jin also sat down on the side. Xiao Mu knew that Mrs. Xiao had something to say, and he said he was seated opposite her.
See since he came back to see Mrs Xiao is always a face of gloom Xiao Mu service road "these days niang always worry about the face but what’s the matter in my heart? There is nothing hard about the three of us now. Chapter 39: It’s time for the Xiao family to perish.
Mrs. Xiao also knew that it was uncomfortable to be pressed by herself and that her heart was more doubtful, so she looked at Ms. Xiao.
"Mother has something to say to your eldest brother. Don’t you say anything outside when you hear it?"
Xiao Jin nodded. "Mother, rest assured that Xiao Ye knows what to say and what not to say!"
Mrs. Xiao said, "In fact, I saw that it was not Qingmu Gong’s people who wanted to kill Acacia that day, but … Emperor! Mom just can’t figure it out these days. I’ve been keeping it in my heart and I know it can’t be said, but your dad has such a thing. Could it be the emperor over there … "
Xiao Mu felt a shock and then looked at Mrs. Xiao.
"Mom, you can’t talk nonsense about this. How can you want to kill Acacia? Besides, that sword is a wedding of Qingmu Gong Acacia. My dad’s things are two different things!"
Mrs. Xiao described what she saw that day and added, "Mother guessed for herself that it would be …"
"Things in Xiangfu involve our Xiaofu. At the beginning, Qing Mu Gong was easy to be familiar with each other, but in that decade, although in the next few years, your father’s false appearance was rarely seen on weekdays, but just a few years ago, in fact, your father always had that false appearance …"
"Niang is worried that the emperor will want to deal with your dad because of this matter? If that’s the case, the first step is to say that your father is corrupt and then start a thorough investigation. The second step is to find out that rebellion against corruption is a big crime, and then it’s all possible to rebel. That’s killing nine families! "
If the rebellion is widely involved and this time is a special time, especially when Qing Mu Gong appears again, Mrs. Xiao feels that her scalp is tight and things are not as simple as she thinks.
Xiao mu had to admire his mother’s profound thoughts, but when Mrs. Xiao told her what she witnessed the wedding, she still felt that it was impossible.
"Mom, do you think too much? Besides, I think the emperor still has feelings for Acacia, and he won’t do anything to her. No matter what, the emperor can’t kill Acacia!"
Xiao-jin listened and expressed his thoughts.
"Eldest brother, is it because the emperor loves life and hates seeing that his eldest sister-in-law is going to marry someone else?"
This thing is more courageous than his eldest brother!
Xiao Mu raised his hand and patted Xiao Jin’s head. "What did you say at an early age that you went to the palace to learn because of love and hate?"
Xiao Jin was slapped on the head, unwilling to deflate her mouth, and went into the palace without saying a word. What can he learn from being a companion to Princess Seventeen?
Every day, I’m watching Su Xi put in the hall, see the front hall and see the back. At night, Princess Seventeen has to ask him out to see it.
Mrs. Xiao sighed lightly, "Why do I still feel that I think too little and that I don’t think it is complicated enough?"