Everyone is chasing and chasing hard!

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But glazed dugu chased everyone exhausted like a rabbit!
Finally, Ding Yunyun stopped the glazed dugu.
"Ha ha, glazed dugu, you were confused for a while. Didn’t I catch you?"
Ding Yunyun laughed that rampant.
Senior several people also rushed from all directions.
"Are you trying to kill me?" Coloured glaze dugu was so scared that the sound actually changed!
Ding Yunyun laughed, "Yes, we are going to kill you!"
Glass dugu slipped and fell into a trap.
Ding Yunyun laughed wildly.
Several senior students laughed hysterically when they arrived.
Ding Yunyun pointed to the trap. "She fell in. Haha, she fell in. It seems that we don’t need to attract cyclops, otherwise our brothers will be investigated if they die too much."
When Shen Jiaping arrived breathlessly, he was told that Dugu coloured glaze had fallen into a trap. He was very excited!
Dugu coloured glaze is dead, doesn’t that mean that it’s another day for the lower grades?
They all breathed a sigh of relief, and their secret was leaked when Liuli died alone.
"Let’s get out of here as soon as possible." Ye Meining suggested.
Ma Tianshou said, "Yes, I don’t know if those fools will fall into our trap. We can avoid suspicion and evacuate as soon as possible."
But just as they were about to evacuate, a bloody hand reached out.
"Ah-"a timid person screamed.
Because they set a trap, they will die. Now they can climb out. It must be a lonely colored glaze ghost!
"What are you yelling about!" Ding Yunyun flew the timid guy crossly and ran to the trap.
Because they are also afraid of traps and dare not approach them.
See a bloody man slowly climb out.
She has long hair and is covered in blood!
Ye Meining stare big pupil "Dugu Liuli is still alive!"
Ma Tianyuan screamed "kill her quickly. Chapter 83 spectre.
Just as they were about to slay the ghost, they suddenly heard a few laughter.
"Ha ha-"
"Ha ha-"
"Ha ha-"
"God, there she is."
"She will change!"
"No, she has many!"
They looked at several bloody glazed dugu in front of them in amazement, and immediately felt the willies when they heard her puffed up smile!
"Is it really haunted?"
"It is said that being haunted by spectres will make you restless all day."
"Should the eyes be so good?"
The crowd is timid and has been frightened to death.
"I … died a good death! Give me back my life!" I heard a burst of sad sound.
Smoke fills the air at the moment.