Ye nodded with the wind.

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If we can really find out the truth of the disaster, this trip is really worthwhile.
"Are there any other questions?"
"If not, I will return to the celestial world."
Ye asked with the wind.
In fact, no matter how many layouts he has, he still believes in himself.
If the disaster didn’t happen before he went back, then everything would be fine.
God emperor thought for a while.
"no more"
"if all these plan are successful"
"We may really be able to find a glimmer of life in the disaster."
Leaves can’t be denied with the wind
"What about you?"
The God Emperor paused for a moment and then smiled, "I will fulfill my final mission with the integration of fate and environment."
Leaves are silent with the wind
This group of people have long ignored death.
They hardly need to remember.
In order to find a glimmer of life for all sentient beings
"Goodbye then."
Leaves with the wind didn’t say much to leave.
Then he didn’t stay in the time domain and turned away.
When he walked out of the pavilion, the pavilion slowly dissipated and was completely annihilated in history.
Leaves with the wind long breathe a sigh of relief.
Looking up, the bodhi old zu, the three great beasts, is still waiting respectfully outside.
They dare not reproduce, and now the leaves are the masters of their fate with the wind.
"Has it been half a year?"
After coming out, the leaves soon found that half a year had passed when they were outside.
It is normal for this situation to occur in the field when the gazebo is in fashion.
But in this case, his time is even more urgent
"You still don’t want to return to the celestial world?"
Leaf asked with the wind.
The three ancestors looked at each other, and then the old Kirin said, "We want our own people to live."
Leaf nodded with the wind.
But his voice changed, "But you three must come back with me."
Three extreme practitioners are still quite big.
At least there is absolutely nothing wrong with guarding the home.
God beast bodhi old zu thought for a while and finally bowed to the leaves with the wind.
"Follow your adult’s orders"
Chapter 353 God List for the final battle
The huge palace still stands in the center of the celestial world.
Nine chaotic god lists shine all over the celestial world.
Since the arrival of the list of gods, all the talents in the celestial world have gathered here.