Huei-mei, Huei-mei, today I will make a fool of you and avenge yesterday’s sword!

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Pavilion owner stopped coloured glaze way.
Because the owner of the cabinet has been guarding the Tibetan Pavilion all the year round and doesn’t know anything about the outside world.
"Miss Wu, you can’t go in." The main frown has an unspeakable dislike for coloured glaze.
Miss Wu, this loser, doesn’t have any spiritual power to enter the Tibetan Pavilion? Dream On!
There are many sisters who follow Liuli. Everyone wants to see her jokes.
"Haha, I can’t stand it here, can I?"
"Is how can you enter the Tibetan pavilion without a token? How dare you bring an outsider in? "
"Sister Wu, do you want me to lend you my token?"
"Sister Wu can’t go in without a token."
Even Dugu Hanmei passed her coldly.
"You-"Qian Qing was angry but was caught by coloured glaze.
See coloured glaze smile in the face of the sisters ridicule.
Tokens, right?
Did you bully her?
Just when all the coloured glaze will despondently leave, she quickly took out a gold medal.
Gold medal?
Shit, it’s a gold medal?
Are they wrong?
Sisters can’t help rubbing their eyes. They have a silver medal in their hands.
It seems that I heard that the gold medal was given by my father himself.
The cabinet owner rubbed his eyes in disbelief. "This-"
"See clearly that this is the owner of the gold medal cabinet. Now I haven’t limited access to the Tibetan Pavilion?" The sound of glazed dugu is not too big, just falling into everyone’s ears.
Pavilion master immediately silly "of course, but also can take a person 97 chapter 97.
"Hum, open your eyes and see the gold medal clearly!" Qian Qing proudly hugged coloured glaze and went in.
The more jealous!
They have silver medals, and some are "Mupai". You can read them in them, but you can’t lend them out!
"Look at her smugness."
"I just don’t know what ecstasy my father was given by her and actually gave her a gold medal!"
"It is said that the gold medal can freely enter and leave the father’s room."
Several sisters’ comments were heard by Dugu Hanmei, and her face suddenly changed! Father is so eccentric. Five sisters have only made two appearances, so they spoil her? When did she never give her father a long face since she was a child? But what preferential treatment did her father give her?
Dugu Hanmei feels unfair more and more!
She clenched her hands bitterly.
Fifth sister, these treatments should be her!
"Coloured glaze is so big in your house." Qian Qing marveled as he went in.
Coloured glaze smiled. "This is my first time here."
Qian Qing immediately attacked her. "These guys are really bullying you. I’ll help you bully them back."
Coloured glaze smiled.
"But" Qian Qing touched her head. "They seem to be no match for you."
"Look at Fifth Sister’s visit to the Fire Register Zone."
"She’s not a fire mage."
"She picked up an introduction to fire magic."
"Pretend she’s not ice?"
"Look at her in her hand."
"Do you understand?"
"It’s really annoying to show off."
The sisters are more jealous of Liuli because she has a gold medal.
In the face of this situation, Liuli has always been calm and can’t stand it, but she said, "How much can you pay attention to talking about people?"
This is a classic. She likes it!
"I’ll take it."
"I’ll take it."
"I’ll take it."
If Liuli takes a fancy to a paragraph, sisters will come out to rob her one after another.
They robbed all the seven magic books of primary magic.
They looked at her proudly.
Is to rob you on purpose so that you can’t get it. What?
"Too much!"
Qianqing is angry.
But coloured glaze is very calmly picked up a few intermediate magic.
In fact, just ask Tianxirui for the primary magic. Is it necessary to rob them?
"Coloured glaze you-"